I. 3. The economy is more than meets the eye

The economy that we see is diluted and distorted. One way to overcome this distorted view of the economy is to learn theory.

The divine economy theory demonstrates that human action is the engine of the economy, and it demonstrates that the equilibrium forces that are an inherent part of the divine economy will purge from the visible but distorted economic system the disease of interventionism that it is suffering from.

This video is I – 3 – More Than Meets The Eye:

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Video Script

The theme for today is More Than Meets The Eye.

  • One of the problems we face is that the economy is so diluted and so distorted that we do not get to encounter it or experience its magnificence or its powers.
  • One way to overcome this is to learn theory. Theory can show you what you are missing. One of the great benefits of the economy is its educative ability and so learning the theory opens up that possibility too.
  • Another problem we face is our lack of familiarity with logic; and what it means to accept that humans make their decisions subjectively.
  • The good thing is that there already exists a great scientific heritage that helps us to understand human action. Because humans act purposefully it is human action which brings the economy directly to each individual and this initiates a learning process that influences our decisions and choices. This is part of the educative nature of the economy.
  • We are constantly presented in our surroundings with the idea that the economy is something apart from and outside of ourselves.
  • But this is not the case. The divine economy is part of our quest for both ideal and material things. It is reflected in the culture and it is also a part of what determines our culture. It is a vehicle for change.
  • One of the reasons the economy has been seized from us by the State is because it is the powerful tool of change.
  • But it cannot be withheld from the people for very long because human action is the engine of the economy, and because the equilibrium forces that are an inherent part of the divine economy will purge from this system the disease of interventionism that it suffers from. We are living in a tumultuous time – the time of this purging.
  • People are misled to think that the economy is out of their hands, plus the State heaps on more and more intervention to try to control the economy, but none of these interventions are sustainable against the equilibrium power of the economy.
  • The examples of people learning about the true nature of the economy are innumerable and one of these examples is the fact that people can learn about the divine economy theory and come to realize that the economy is inherently a part of them. The equilibrium forces in the divine economy are far greater than the corruption caused by the interventionists, and so – God’s Will prevails eventually.
  • In summary the economy is here for our benefit and by its means it guides us to refine ourselves: both internally (heart and soul, spirit and intellect) and externally (that is, all resources, both the human and the non-human resources).

That’s all for today. The next time we will take a closer look @ the unfolding of the Divine Economy Model.



I. 2. Germination of Divine Economy Theory

True economic science recognizes human subjectivity expressed in the economy and communicated through the market process. The economy is the perfect means for humans to organize themselves.

This is the second video in the macroeconomics category.

This video is I – #2 – Germination of Divine Economy Theory:

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Video Script

Today we will look at the germination of the DET.

  • Unruly growth is often associated with weeds and poor stewardship and so that is what we have to realize – that without proper care things will only get worse.
  • We know that the human potential is very great and so there is no reason not to expect great things once the weeds are removed and the seeds of true economic science are planted and nurtured all the way to fruition. The key at this point is to allow the fresh air, and the sweet rain water, and the rays of the sunlight of knowledge to flow unimpeded.
  • We have difficulty sometimes realizing that the economy is an inseparable part of human life and also we may not realize that understanding the economy actually improves human life.
  • To truly break through the limitations that keep us from understanding the economy properly we have to recognize that the economy is an expression of human actions and that humans are not just physical and intellectual beings. They also are spiritual and so the economy expresses that aspect of human nature also.
  • When there is a denial of the spiritual nature of human beings then the standard used as a point for comparison and contrast is flawed and the resulting economic conclusions are likely to be flawed as well.
  • Yet what is funny is that it is so simple to find the economic standard, and the reason it is easy is because the standard simply allows humans to be human. Humans are subjective and they make subjective decisions that are expressed in the economy and communicated to others through the market process. Humans value things subjectively – both material and ideal – and so the spiritual nature of human beings is not an issue that need worry anyone. It is already expressed as part of the market process in the economy.
  • There are those who think things should be this way or that way but they are only kidding themselves if they think that they really know what is best. It is this kind of arrogance and lust for power that is the true source of the economic problems.
  • An All-Knowing God who created human beings and gave them an institution that we call the economy, and Who preserves the Earth from the countless comets streaking throughout the universe, also provided the perfect means for humans to organize themselves, practically and prosperously; And that means is the economy.
  • But why then the chaos? If you look around what you will see is the turmoil of adolescence: uncontrollable impatience combined with confusion and misdirected pleasures.
  • Yet, after adolescence comes maturity; that is when the power inherent in the economy as a divine institution will be freed from the childish game-playing that is done for selfish reasons. Then the real transformative power of the economy will be released for all to enjoy.

That’s all for today. The next time we will take a closer look @ what else is hidden.

I. 1. Overview And Discovery

This is the first video on the Divine Economy Theory Video Channel.

All videos will be categorized in the following manner.

I = Macroeconomics

II = Microeconomics

III = Ethical Economics

IV = Economic Justice

Then number of the video in the sequence will be given plus the title of that particular theme.

This video is I – #1 – Overview And Discovery

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Video Script

Today I will be giving you an overview.

  • At present there is no information about the divine economy theory in a video format.
  • The purpose of this video channel is to fully describe the DET as it is presented in the four book series about the divine economy theory. This means that we will cover macroeconomics, microeconomics, ethical economics, and economic justice.
  • Sometimes instructional video presentations are one-sided where the content is shared but the interactive part is either absent or not encouraged.
  • In this video series each video will add to the previous ones and it is my hope that you – as a viewer – will send your comments or questions to me whenever you wish. I will respond to you and I will probably also interject along the way a few Questions & Answers Videos as part of this video channel.
  • Also currently there are no videos to accompany those individuals who are approaching the DET as a student wishing to pursuit a Masters degree.

As part of this video series I will produce videos specifically designed to describe the Diagrams that appear in the books in the series. These diagrams make up the core content for the requirements for those interested in earning a Master’s Degree in the DET.

Now I want to talk to you about the discovery.

  • It is difficult to be excited about the economy if it is something that you know little about.
  • But what if you then discovered that the economy is everywhere and is a part of you and that upon this realization you then become excited?
  • Nevertheless it may seem to you that the economy is distant and elusive and out of reach and maybe even out of touch with what people want.
  • This belief will start to wane as this journey that we are taking together begins because it is human action that is at the foundation of the economy and how much closer can it get to you than that? You are human and you act!
  • Nevertheless there does seem to be a tendency for us to remain latent and to be content with what we know and to just rest there.
  • This will not get us to the summit! So as we climb there is a new vista that opens up to us and a new vantage point that makes staying put unsatisfying. That is when we will regard our journey as part of our own maturing and evolving process and so we will take all of these signs as indications that something new is up ahead.

That is all for today. The next time we will take a closer look @ the germination of the DET.